How to be the Best Insurance Sales Agent in Texas?

Last Updated: 21 January, 2022

Are you seeking guidance on how to become an independent insurance agent in Texas? The insurance industry has been on the rise with opportunities you would not want to miss. According to recent reports, it is projected that the scope for independent agents is very high in the coming years. Learn about how to be the best insurance sales, agent.

Let’s understand how you can be an independent insurance agent and further even open an insurance agency of your own.

How to be the Best Insurance Sales Agent in Texas

Independent agents are agents who associate with multiple insurance agencies. According to the balance, independent agents have been around since 1896. They sell the products and policies of these companies to the client. Their primary goal is selling insurance while maintaining a strong relationship with customers. They enjoy the privilege of choosing the insurance lines they want to sell. They could choose to sell personal lines or commercial lines, or even both.

Benefits of Becoming the Best Insurance Sales Agent in Texas

They have many benefits compared to captive agents who represent only a single insurance carrier. Independent agents have the freedom to sell various policies that enable them to make a better impression with the clients. It allows clients to get the right coverages that they need. Further, clients also tend to seek advice from independent agents more. While selling policies, independent agents get to choose the type of insurance lines they want to sell. The insurance lines could be personal lines such as life, health, and auto and/or commercial lines such as liability, and property & casualty. In addition to that, independent agents also have an extra income source through a commission from renewals. Follow this blog till the end to learn how to become an independent insurance agent.

How to Start an Independent Insurance Agency in Texas

There are two options you can consider while starting an independent insurance agency:

Book of Business 

This option suggests you buy a business book from an existing insurance company. Although the amount may be as high as $500,000 or more, it would still be like a sole proprietorship.

Agency Model for the Best Insurance Sales Agent

You can become an independent agent using an agency model. This is another option widely preferred by agencies. Agency models help agencies grow by providing them with proper support and assistance. Moving on, you can explore two further agency models that you can consider for this: Franchise Model and Insurance FMO model.

The franchise model provides adequate guidance and assistance while the agency can focus on insurance sales and lead generation. The agency will be associated with a reputed and established brand by adopting this model. On the other hand, the FMO model provides guidance and assistance to the agency. The commission split happens between the FMO and the agency. The usual commission split is 80/20. This agency model is quite popular as it benefits both parties and is more effective.

Key Takeaway from How to be the Best Insurance Sales, Agent

You will quickly learn more about how to become an independent insurance agent in Texas if you follow the guideline given above. The scope of insurance is very high and promising. Hence, this step will be the right choice for you to take. This blog is helpful for people wondering how to be an insurance agent from home as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do you make selling insurance in Texas?

In Texas, the average annual pay for an insurance agent is $50,787.

Q. How do I become a licensed insurance agent in Texas?

  • Complete a pre-licensing course in insurance.
  • Pass the Texas Licensing Exam.
  • Fill out an application for a Texas insurance license.
  • Prepare to get the required insurance Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Q. How hard is the Texas insurance exam?

While the Texas Insurance Exam isn't considered the most challenging in the country, it is a thorough examination. It also addresses a variety of topics that aren't immediately relevant to life insurance. 

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