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Last Updated: 21 January, 2022

Traditionally, people were required to be in a set of specific office locations to work. Due to pandemic progression and a need for employees at all levels of an organization’s hierarchy (from top-down), many companies made radical paradigm shifts that facilitate insurance work from home jobs. However, these rapid turns caused them more positives than ever. Thanks to the changes in insurance company management, they have been able to serve their customers better.

The insurance work from home jobs trend is ever increasing and is made available to insurance agents during the pandemic. These opportunities are great for individuals who might want to have a Better Work-Life Balance (e.g., Work from Home with kids), Less Commute Stress, Location Independence, Save Overhead Expenses, Increased Productivity and Performance, and many other reasons.

On the other hand, companies can save costs by hiring people in different locations with lower overhead expenses. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both parties. Work From Home means when individual moves from being exclusively tied down into different locations around the country while relying heavily upon technology like emailing or video conferencing software.

Positive or Negative Response on Insurance Work From Home Jobs?

Pandemic led to more job losses in the insurance industry than ever, especially in mid-2019 to early 2020. Of course, this trauma has created this fear amongst us of not getting the job, especially when the nature of the work requires a physical presence to be successful. It leaves a lot of questions in your mind with doubts. Likewise, let’s look at the facts and know the responses of both sides on remote work. 

Statistic: Employers' and employees' views on the success of remote work in the United States in 2020 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

As per Statista 2021, when asked if remote work has been a success, 83% of employers and 73% percent of employees working in the USA agree that it has been successful. This passage highlights the success story of both parties, for instance, proving that there is a success story for insurance agents who want to work from home and the companies are willing to offer such flexibilities with their digital platform. It has been illustrated in the graph as well. 

Tips for beginners: It is essential as an insurance agent to have proper backup plans if there are issues with the internet or electricity. It is to make sure that nothing will affect your performance  and you will be successful when you are working from home.

Insurance Agents Work From Home Jobs 2021

How To Find Insurance Work From Home Jobs

Insurance Agents need to research the companies in which they want to work. Some of them may even allow you to telecommute while staying at Home. Most of the insurance companies will allow you to work from your home during a pandemic. So agents need to ask their employers about this opportunity. Along with this, find out how to become an independent insurance agent.

How will they find you?

As an insurance agent, find what you like to sell, work from home or in an office, work for a large corporation, work with entrepreneurial clients, and much more! Before starting your search, look at the tips.

Top five tips to help you begin your job hunt

  • Be clear about what you want to do when finding jobs online 
  • Make use of social media channels like LinkedIn
  • Work on your resume 
  • Work through job listings for insurance agents in the USA.
  • Set up an email address that reflects your name and identity to help employers find you easily online during a pandemic.

You can also use websites like FlexJobs and Career Builder, which have many telecommuting work opportunities for insurance agents in the USA online.

The pandemic progression has caused the advancement of technology more than ever, and only it can remove the geographical boundaries to achieve their talent insurance recruits. It is a significant advantage for the insurance agents looking forward to work from home opportunities during the pandemic. There are many hot startups in 2021—for instance, companies like Companion, Clearcover, Alan, Next Insurance, and The Zebra. As we have already established that insurance agents can grow remotely with 100% digital companies, let's look at the things you need to know before working in these companies. 

Seven Questions to Consider Before Joining Insurance Work From Home Jobs

Some companies facilitate 100 percent remote jobs for insurance agents, with many advantages. They are working from home during a pandemic and have become successful at their job. However, always be aware of the remote work history of a company and its working system. Let's look at some of the main questions to ask before joining the work-from-home job offer. 

1. What are the biggest challenges working remotely for the company? 

Even though you know about the challenges, ask about "What has been most difficult for your team?" This way, you will see the history of the company's remote work and what they do to facilitate the convenience of employees to work anywhere. 

2. Communication system throughout the company?

Will you work independently? Or do you have to check in daily or weekly? Are you expected to be on-call whenever the clients need you (including the weekend), or will there be an opportunity for work-life balance? It is important to note that if you are considering working independently consider insurance agent brokerage firm. 

3. What are the hours? 

Remote working removes geographical boundaries to achieve the company's talent insurance recruits. Considering the different time zones around the USA, some hours can overlap, so you probably have to set up some time of the day. Ask about one key thing: flexible hours. For example, If the project is due on Thursday, you can finish on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can have flexible hours as long as the project is complete. 

4. Is this a freelance, contract, or full-time position?

This question is more on the technical, bureaucratic side, but it's important to distinguish this early. It might have been in your job announcement or not, so make sure you bring up any questions about how things will work when applying with them beforehand!  

5. Will they provide the equipment, or do I need to supply my own?

Some companies will provide tools and equipment to support their remote workers, for example, advanced technologies to help small jobs, good internet, and working desktops.

6. How is payment handled?

Insurance Agents can increase revenues by doing business on the phone or online. As an insurance agent, you will need to understand how their company's remote work policies function. For instance, do you earn a salary in percentage commission splits, or is it entirely commission-based jobs? 

7. The servicing support from administrative teams that they provide? 

Traditionally, an Insurance Agent comes with a tedious desk job like lots of paperwork, filing, or call center representative. However, during the pandemic, some companies handle all of your desk jobs for you to focus on selling. Likewise, some companies streamline the workflow that mainly facilitates work from home and is 100% digital.

Conclusion: Insurance Work From Home Jobs

You will be able to make money even when the pandemic is in full swing, as long you are willing to work remotely and the company is flexible enough to allow you to telecommute during a pandemic. You need to research the companies you want to work with or the firm that can help you network with leading insurance carriers to boost your insurance career. Start your job hunt by writing down what you want in a job. Research options that match your career goals, and keep looking every day!


How hard is it to be an independent insurance agent?

You may find it challenging to get clients as a new independent insurance agent, but that doesn't mean you can't do so. Mainly few companies can help your process of becoming an insurance agent be easy and faster.  The main benefits are the higher commission and freedom to work in your schedule (be your boss). 

How do independent agents get paid?

Independent agents make more money when their clients renew each year. They also receive higher commissions than captive ones, but not as much if they have many customers or none at all!

How much do independent agency owners make?

Insurance Agency Owner Salary

Salary (Yearly)

Payment Per Month

Highest Earners 



75th Percentile






25th Percentile



how to become an independent insurance agent


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